Meet the Team

Emily Hellewell

For her PhD research Emily is looking into the reasons why human remains have been found in shell middens (rubbish heaps made of shells) during the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. She is interested in the Mesolithic period and all aspects of death and burial. Emily previously worked for the Young Archaeologists’ Club and has continued interest in making archaeology interesting and engaging to young people.

Ben Elliott 

Ben’s PhD research looks at antler working in the Mesolithic period. He has been involved in a previous project, Sensory Stories, which disseminated academic research to the public.

Pat Hadley

Pat is interested in prehistory (particularly the Mesolithic), multi-sensory dissemination, public engagement and digital media. Pat’s PhD research focusses on the public perception of the Mesolithic and he has been involved with the excavations at Star Carr for several years.

George Loffman

George is interested in flint working from a social perspective and completed an MA in Early Prehistory at York last year. He is currently carrying out research into Mesolithic knapped stone assemblages from the Central Pennines. Previously George has worked for a commercial archaeology unit in London excavating on sites throughout the UK on sites ranging from Mesolithic to Post-Medieval periods.

Harry Robson 

Harry’s PhD research looks at the marine resource exploitation of the Mesolithic and Neolithic of northern Europe. Harry has excavated at Mesolithic sites in the UK, Germany and Denmark.

Helen Williams 

For her PhD Helen is using micromorphology to examine the fill of prehistoric graves to develop a method for learning more about burials and grave goods from microscopic signatures in the soil. Helen is interested in prehistoric archaeology and has experience of digging on Mesolithic sites in the UK.

Jenny Borrett

Jenny is currently completing her degree in archaeology at York.