Saturday 21st July 2012

Mesolithic Activity Day

Over  200 people attended our Mesolithic activity day at King’s Manor in York.


As part of the Festival of British Archaeology everyone had the chance to find out all about Mesolithic archaeology. It was a free fun day of activities for young people & their families.

There were 7 activities, all inspired by Mesolithic archaeology:

  • Timeline of the Mesolithic. Walk back into prehistory to find out when the Mesolithic really was. Just how long ago is 12,000 years?


  • Footprints in the Sand. Make footprints and create a plaster-of-paris cast to take home. Find out all about Mesolithic footprints from the Severn Estuary and discover what archaeologists can learn about Mesolithic people from only their footprints.

Excavating a footprint in the sand

  • After the Ice. Have a go at our game to show what happens to land when it’s under tonnes of ice and see what happens to that land when the ice melts. Think about what the end of the Ice Age meant for people living at the beginning of the Mesolithic.

After the Ice activity

  • Gone Fishing. How did Mesolithic people catch their fish? One way was to use specially designed fish traps. Make a fish trap based on a Mesolithic design to take home.

Making Mesolithic fish traps

  • Tools R Us. Mesolithic people used tiny stone tools called microliths. Try your hand at making them into hunter-gatherer tools.

Hafting Mesolithic tools

  • Who lived in a hut like this? Discover what archaeologists know about where Mesolithic people lived.

Finding out about Mesolithic houses

  • Under the Sea: Find out how archaeologists find Mesolithic sites which were flooded by the sea. Can you work out what is buried under the water?

Finding out how underwater archaeology works

Everyone had a great day. You can find out what our feedback said by downloading the feedback report here

Saturday 23rd June 2012

Festival of Ideas Fringe Event


There were Life in the Mesolithic activities as well as lots of other fun events at the HRC’s Festival Fringe Event. We all had a great time and the activities went down really well.


Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, Heslington East Campus